finally got sai working on my comp, did some messing around with epona. I seem to draw her all grumpy, but she’s really not! just wild and fierce. 

I thought I’d go ahead and do a full body Zelda ref sheet. I’m not sure it’s final. I wanted to redesign her to match a bit of the tunic idea, where it would be fairly reasonable for her to jump on a horse and be light on her feet etc, but still be at least a little princessy.

A message from ghostsies
your zelda stuff is phenomenal and your design of zelda is one of my favorites ever, ur amazing, im cryin

thank you so much! I’ll be posting her character sheet soonishly. c: <333 Bless you for being so sweet c: 

A message from scarletalexandra
Omg!! Can I just say I recently discovered your remnant stuff and I love them! I can't wait for more!

Thank you so much! I’m super stoked about Remnant. This might be the hardest thing I’ve done solo. Thank you so much for your support!

Legend of Zelda: Remnant

first |

I already feel more confident. Not sure how often I’ll update (not sure I can do daily).

since i’ve never done a comic before i have a bunch of pages of sketches. I think I think better on paper before doing all the special stuff on the computer. I’m not used to the planning.

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Found you while meandering tumblr for artists and wooow your style is lovely and I'm kiiinda freaking out over your comic idea and can't wait to see more!!

bless you ;3; <333 I need all the support I can get. this comic might be in the list of top 3 hardest things I’ve ever decided to do. I’m an instant gratification artist, I like to have it all now ;3; but comics aren’t like that, they require planning ;3; BUT when people send me stuff that they’re excited about my comic i start getting rad excited because omg people want this ;3; <3333

Legend of Zelda: Remnant.

Super excited guys.

this is all ruebird's fault.

au where OoT!Link is a deer. He’s a fawn in the beginning, then a stag at the end.

I’ve finished the first page of my Zelda comic and now have working title: Remnant. I’ll be tagging stuff #loz:remnant that relates to it. First page I’ll post tonight!

A message from the-east-hunter
dude, your loz stuff, AMAZING! You HAVE to tell me if you start writing it, I'm so interested in it and totally want it to be a thing now!

Thank you so much! I’m not sure where to put it. I’ve already written the first chapter (I’ll probably want a few done before i start posting). I’m still not quite sure how I want to integrate comic to fic I guess. At first I thought I just wanted it to be sort of separate things, but now I’m looking into stronger integration. I don’t know. ;3; 

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Can I just say that your art is really amazing? I love the sketchy, unpolished look of it. It's rather authentic. And I enjoy reading the little snippets of writing that go along with the art. I would love to see a comic of this story. ^_^ Have you ever read the Demon Road web comic?

ahh, thank you c: I’m still scared of the comic as a medium, I’ll probably be supplementing a fic with comics. Demon Road has a lot more scope then I’d want to do with just my small comic, lol ;3; 

Link finds the grave of his predecessor. More specifically, he finds the grave of his predecessor who failed.

I’m officially writing this thing! Not sure where to put it yet.

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Your artwork is simply amazing.

Thank you! c:

He was young, perhaps just older than her, with vibrant, sharp blue eyes and a wildness that matched the mare beside him. He spoke to the horse in ancient Hylian to soothe her before turning his attention to the princess before him.

"The bearer of the Triforce of Wisdom," he said, brow furrowing slightly. "Then you would be…Princess Zelda."

I’m about half sure I want to write the whole thing now and do comics of important parts. This is the beginning, when he meets Zelda for the first time.